Monday, November 3, 2014

Cycle Day 12

Hey Guys,

So I have been taking my vitamins for about 2 weeks now. My period has completely stopped and so far things seem like they are going back to normal. At least thats what I am hoping for. That would be simply amazing is all I have to say about that. I want to say this, I have felt so amazing since starting the FertilAid, Myo-Inositol, OvaBoost, and Fertile Cm.  Since starting these vitamins I have seen a huge change just in 2 weeks.

So I have been taking the ovulation test since the last day of my period. I haven't had a positive ovulation test yet. Although I recently learned that women with PCOS can ovulate way later in to their cycle. I didn't know that. Although, this doesn't surprise  me because the rest of our bodies are out of wack why wouldn't this be too LOL. I plan to continue taking the tests until I get a positive OPK.

Here are the few digitals that I have taken. I have taken a total of 4 but I took one and it didn't read it correctly my little thing showed a book instead of a smiley face LOL so I tossed that test! So far these are really pretty faint. I have also heard that these don't really show the progression on these the same way the little wands I used above. Basically I am just using the digitals to confirm ovulation. 

Well guys, Where are you at in your TTC journey? How is it looking. Have any of you gotten your BFP? I am hoping to catch this little EGGY! Hope you all do too! Have an awesome Monday! 

So I thought I would post these as well... These are from tonight. The bottom one is from my digital and that is the darkest one thus far I have gotten (It's a lot darker in person believe it or not) and for whatever reason small wand I think was a bust. It didn't even show a second line... and the control line was all deformed and what not... It was strange so I just chucked that one out because I don't think it took... All my other ones have been getting darker as the days go by. Reminder I am not even in my ovulation window. Because I have PCOS I start testing right after my period. I am about to be in my window in ONE day... SO they should be getting considerably darker soon! YAY! Just wanted to update you all! Night Night Folks! 

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