DoTerra Essential Oils have made a huge impact on my life. They have truly helped me along my journey of weight loss with Slim & Sassy oil which helps curb your appetite and help loose weight. DoTerra has helped me along my journey of TTC with Clary Sage helping me regulate my period. DoTerra has helped me with my PCOS journey with Frankenscence which has helped with ovarian cysts. All these essential oils I personally use and sell in my shop if you check out my website you are welcome to scope out all the fun oils DoTerra has to offer. Check out my group on Facebook: Life the Oily Way. Enjoy!

* doTerra Essential Oils are not recommended to use instead of medical advice given by a doctor. In conjunction with Essential Oils you may experience relief. Essential Oils work differently for everyone and should not be expected to cure conditions. 

doTERRA Essential Oils