Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So Far So Good... High Hopes For This...

Day 3. 

So this is day 3 of Myo-Inositol, FertileAid, OvaBoost, and FertileCM. I had pretty much been shedding old brown blood for about a month and then on October 23rd I actually started shedding regular period blood. I guess this was me starting my period. Not really entirely sure. Since it was red blood I counted it as my first day of my period. Its been just about 5 days and finally this evening it seems as though it may be tapering off.

I will say this, it is a lot of vitamins to be taking in one day. I am just praying they are making some sort of difference in me right now. I would love nothing more to try this month and hope for a possible pregnancy. 

It has just been hard the past couple months. It would be nice to be able to have something be normal for once.  LIKE MY PERIOD... No pun  intended HAHAH! I know my husband and I would love nothing more then to have a baby. I know he would make the perfect father. I want him to be a daddy. I know he would be amazing. I see him with our nieces and nephews and he's perfect with them. I know with our children it would be another story. I want to be able to take pictures with our baby. I would love to share the beauty of our holiday spirit. I would love more then anything to give my parents the joy of having a  beautiful grandson or daughter. I just have such high hopes. 

I am just going to keep hoping for the best and taking these pills. I would love to see a drastic change. As of right now, things are looking promising and if they keep going this way... I will be starting ovulation tests... If I can go one day with out bleeding then I will start the ovulation tests the next day. I will keep you all posted and I am sure I will be posting my ovulation test once we start seeing double lines. 

Fingers Crossed Ladies... And my fingers are crossed for you all out there struggling the struggle with me. XXOO! 

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