Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Two Week Wait...

As I sit here at my desk enjoying some of the cooler weather that California is deciding to give us. I find my self wondering if I might be pregnant or not.  It's hard to not think about how wonderful it would be to be pregnant with our beautiful baby. It would be such a wonderful gift for this Christmas. I would love to do something totally adorable tell my parents that they are going to be Grandparents. What an awesome Christmas gift to me and Josh and not only to the rest of our family.

Then on the other hand, I think about how this just could be another set up for another let down. I don't look forward to doing pregnancy tests for the blow of the answer that it might not be anything. Its just a bitter sweet feeling I have when going through the two week wait. I sometimes don't understand how these young girls can "accidentally" get pregnant or these girls could have a one night stand and get pregnant or people who have multiple children and can't even take care of one of them. Yet, their are two people who love each other unconditionally who would love to be a mommy or daddy to a beautiful little boy to little girl.

Anyways, enough of the sad stuff thats not where I want my mind to be right now. I could sit here and dwell and think how I might not be or how I might be. However, until I am going to try and not read too much in to it until I have some pretty major symptoms and missed my period... as of right now... I just wait....

How do you entertain the time and your mind during this time? Its the hardest time of the entire "trying to get pregnant" part. I mean yah you have your period which suck and no one likes bleeding or having use tampons or pads... Bleh. Then you have the ovulation. Trying to get the egg at just the perfect time. At least doing the dance with your man is a little bit fun... But as soon as ovulation has happened... then you have the two week wait... I feel like that is more painful then any of the other hoopla... BLEH

Well sending baby dust to everyone! And keeping my fingers crossed for all of you out there in your two week wait. Waiting to get your big BFP! <3 Much love! 

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  1. For me, the wait isn't all that bad, its the whole every pinch and pull that makes me question "what if" and ends up with me in tears when I POAS. I'm praying for us both! Fingers crossed that it is your month!