Tuesday, November 25, 2014

9 Days Past Ovulation... Symptoms... And more...

Howdy Ya'll! Is everyone getting ready to scarf some turkey and go in to major food coma's for like two days? You don't gotta lie, you know you eat turkey and all the fixings for two days. :) We do! I have no shame in my game! HAHA! 

As of today I am 9 DPO at the current moment. I haven't tested yet. I want to wait to miss my period first before I take a test. Here's a little TMI for you. November 23rd, Husband and I were doing the dance and I got a  bad cramp. Didn't think much of it continued on going... Once we were finished dancing I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I wiped I had LIGHT pink spotting. I thought my period was coming. I got really bummed. I went about my day was prepared to start my period... and nothing after that... We danced again the next day and normally if I were going to start having sex definitely would have triggered it and NOTHING... Still today... November 25 and still nothing. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that this is the month. 

Some recent symptoms I have had...
  • Heart Burn
  • Constipated
  • I have been itchy everywhere
  • my sex drive is out of control
  • my back has been hurting
  • I have been really sleepy
I got in the shower tonight... and like a ton of bricks I got super nauseated. I have been super nauseated for the passed hour... Sex drive is still going strong. HAHA 

So fingers crossed that this is the month! I have been praying so hard for this! Hoping you all are getting your BFP's and are at least enjoying doing the dance. Saying a prayer for all you ladies out there trying to get pregnant! 

Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays! :) 

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