Monday, October 6, 2014

It's Been A Long Time...A Lot Going On...

Well it's been a while since I have written a post in here... There has been so much going on lately that TTC has been honestly put on the back burner. 

First of all at the end of August my husband and I moved in to our new home. Which has taken up a bunch of our time. Then the whole unpacking and getting your house organized the way you want it and the boxes... oh the boxes... they have been everywhere for weeks on end. Seriously. We have just finished unloading the boxes around this house and we still don't even have a kitchen table. Our other place wasn't even close to as big as the place we have moved in to. We didn't have room for a kitchen table. LOL So we didn't have one! So, now we are trying to figure out a table for our kitchen area. 

Amongst all this going on, my husband had recently started a new 4 week job which was literally kicking his butt on top of moving and having to move boxes up and down our new 2 story house. He wasn't having it. Really the only time things got accomplished was during the weekends when he had more then 6 hours of sleep. Then after his 4 week job was up, he started another physically draining job that is more long term. For those of you wondering. My husband is a plumber for a union. so when the job is done and over with they move you on to another job. Hense why all the new job placements. This job now is so physically demanding and its strictly outside. We live in California and the weather STILL hasn't cooled down. Have I mentioned that its OCTOBER. Seriously... Let the RAIN COME already. We are ready for fall. 

So as if this wasn't chaotic enough to deal with. I have been dealing with this hellish PCOS crap on the regular. My symptoms have been crazy out of control. I am super uncomfortable and been having bleeding again, and tons of clotting. Yah I know super amounts of fun. 

We have just been so tired and exhausted over here that we just honestly haven't had the chance to do the baby dance. Well we have... but I hardly think it even counted as anything. 

I have been contemplating weather or not I have wanted to post this on here or not. My family and I recently learned some very devastating news. I recently lost my Aunt. She had been sick for sometime. She was just too young!!! My aunt has been battling many ailments and illnesses for about 3 years now, and sadly her body just couldn't keep up any longer. Friday is her funeral and I am already hormonal so I am going to be worse come Friday. 

So needless to say it has been a hell of a few months. I am praying and hoping for things to slow down and cool down for a while so that we can catch back up. 

So here are some updates as of late... Since the last time we had talked... I had been to the OBGYN... this was the visit where she prescribed me Metaformin. I noticed right away the changes it was making in my body. I started loosing a bit of weight. But the pill it self made me sicker then shit. I literally couldn't eat anything with out it making me sick to my stomach and run to the bathroom. I then made another Dr. appointment with my doctor. This time not really for an exam but more like a little chit chat. She ended up taking me off the Metaformin and has now prescribed me provera. I am so irregular and my periods will go from 3-4 months with no period at all to seriously bleeding for almost 3-4 weeks long. Accompanied by tons of cramping and really bad blood clots. It has been highly entertaining. Also extremely painful. I haven't yet started the provera as of yet... She wants me to try the provera by it's self but if I am still finding that I am not ovulating she is going to have me do chlomid along with it. YAY! 

In the mean time I have decided that I am going to try some fertility supplements. Along with the oils I have been using by DoTerra. I have only used fertility blend (which I have found didn't work for me at all.) as well as vitex. Vitex did bring on my period after not having it forever and ever. However, it didn't stop after I got it. Which is the problem at hand you see. LOL So I am going to be trying the fallowing fertility supplements. Ovaboost- to help with egg quality. Helps promote healthier eggs. Fertile CM- which helps promote heathy cervical mucus. Which is also a huge thing when trying to conceive. As Well as FertilAid- which is just a fertility supplement for women trying to conceive. I am going to give these a go and see if these make a difference in how I feel and my monthly friend as well. I will also leave a disclaimer on here of how they are working weekly. :) Hopefully a BFP is in the works. I would love to end up a preggo mama:) Fingers Cross for a BIG FAT POSITIVE.

Well here's to tackling PCOS and trying to have a mini me. Here's to all you fabulous folks trying to conceive and much baby dust to us ALL! XXOO

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