Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The OPK Watch

SIGH... SIGH... I don't know about everyone else but for me... tracking my periods is the hardest thing out of all this. I never know when its going to start when its going to end or when I am going to ovulate. One of the many joys of having PCOS. I just started using a new ovulation tracker on my phone this week. I was using Ovia. However, I felt like it wasn't giving me an accurate ovulation date... The new one I have really allows me to just manually put in when I start and when I end and then it predicts my ovulation of that. **disclaimer** an app on your phone doesn't tell you for sure when your ovulation will occur. This is just a prediction. It helps keep you on track to know what your body is doing. Only you will know for sure when you ovulate. I know I have to take tests starting right after my period ends. Even though I know I am not going to ovulate the day after my period. I just know that I don't have regular periods which probably means I don't ovulate regularly as well. So I just test from that point on and when I get a positive on my cheap ovulation test I will actually take a digital test right after to see if that confirms with the one I just took... And then... Let the baby dancing begin! 

For those of you curious as to what app I use on my phone I use Woman Log. 

 This app is super easy to use. It came recommended from one of the ladies in one of the groups I belong to on Facebook. This is awesome for my PCOSers. I really like this app because it allows me to chart exactly when I start and when exactly when I end. Then it predicts when your ovulation should be based on the information given for that particular month. It allows you to chart your basal temperature, your moods, your weight, symptoms, Cervical mucus and your tests (OPKS and Pregnancy Tests). Just so everyone knows... The information on these charts are not mine! 

I still really like Ovia too... I just felt that it wasn't being accurate for me since my periods are not regular enough. I know some women can have PCOS and be more regular then I am when it comes to periods per say, so this app may work perfect for you and its totally awesome as well.

It allows you to chart all the same things the other one does but the only difference is that it doesn't change based on the period you are having that particular month. I know lots of women love this app. This was one I have been using up until a few days ago. :)

I am on CD 10 right now and my fertile window should be starting on Thursday or Friday. I have started taking OPK's starting Monday. 

OPK CD 9 May 5, 2014 - Negitive
OPK CD 9 May 6, 2014 - Negitive
These are my OPK's from the past two days. You can clearly tell on May 5th my OPK was WAY negative and one May 6th my OPK test line was starting to show a little more. Definitely not positive yet, you can tell that its starting to get darker.  

Fingers Crossed! Hopefully I get a little bean in my tummy this month! Will give you another up date in a couple of days! Good Luck to you all trying to conceive. :)

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