Monday, May 5, 2014

PCOS & Getting Pregnant

Well I have been trying to have a baby since February. Which hasn't been long to some people. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I had been having problems with my period. I have never had a regular period even when I was a young teen. To think I probably had this when I was younger and just didn't know it. Anyways, when I found out I had PCOS I was struggling because I wasn't getting my period. Then I started taking Vitex which is Chaste-berry it is really great for to help regulate your cycle. Well it definitely worked... LOL worked so good that my period came alright... Then it wouldn't stop for like 19 days. I went in to the doctor and she told me my iron was really really low. Well NO SHIT... after bleeding for 19 days straight I guess so. I got a prescription for Iron and along with deficiency... I was vitamin D deficient. I kind of knew that going in that I probably would be because I don't drink milk. I never have since I was a kid. Go figure. 

Anyways, so I started my period... Started spotting on last Saturday. Aunt Flow showed her ugly face fully on Sunday. I was stressing so hard core that I was going to have to go through another 19 days of hell. Not to mention painful hell. I was so scared I was going to jinx it. I still kind of am to be totally honest. However, my period started to taper off Saturday and by Sunday I didn't even have to wear a pad. (Doing a happy dance)

So now... I just wait to see if I ovulate. Thank god I have bought just about every ovulation test known to man so I am prepared. I've got my basal thermometer ready and by my bed. And all I have to do after that, is do the deed. If you know what I mean! 

Fingers Crossed! Hopefully there will be a tiny little baby in my tummy ! :)

Have a good night guys! 

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