Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ovulating... or maybe not...

SIGH... I don't even know where to start this right now. So since yesterday I have been having some spotting. We did the baby dance this morning and last night and since last night I have been having some spotting. I was told this was normal. I am just seriously praying that I don't start my period full on earlier then expected. I have been temping and still taking my ovulation test daily. I really just want aunt flows ugly face to just stay the hell away. So I can ovulate normally and just get this baby making thing on the go! Super frustrated about all this. So fingers crossed.

Moving on to the ovulation watch. Nothing really hasn't changed really. my temperature spiked a bit today but then again it was hotter then hell by 8 AM.  Then I took an ovulation test again and still negative. I am really hoping that it happens really soon!

Here you have my charting... my temps spiked back up a bit.  I don't have much hope for this period. honestly... Least I have gotten to be with my beautiful husband during this time. I guess that is something to be happy about :) 

Well here you have it... These are the ovulation tests since May 5th.  I know thats a lot of ovulation tests but I have had to try to test since I have been off my period. I needed to see when exactly I ovulate because I don't know when I do since I have PCOS. Freaking lovely disease. Anyways... this is my ovulation watch as of May 14th. I will get back to you guys in a few days with the ovulation watch as well. Hopefully I will have a positive one come up sooner then later. Hope you guys have a wonderful evening. Goodnight! 


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