Friday, May 16, 2014


I feel so defeated at this point...I was seen by my OBGYN probably about a month ago. She told me I had PCOS. I have been struggling with PCOS probably since I was a teen but just didn't know it. I have always had irregular periods and what not. Anyways, during my appointment she told me she wanted me to try some natural ways before she decided to give me some meds to see if we could get my period regulated. So I did what she asked. I got on my prenatal vitamins, and started taking a vitamin D and Iron Pill. So now since  I have started those I thought my period was actually starting to regulate. This month I had a 7 day period as apposed to a 19 day period. Ridiculous I know. My cramping was pretty painful but all together wasn't horrible. 

So I finally get to my fertile window. Although my test today was still not quite positive it was the darkest ovulation I have had since I started taking them. The kicker was that I was bleeding pretty heavily. I was having some cervical mucus with it. So I asked on some of my groups to the women who are suffering from PCOS and some of these women said this was quite normal for someone who may have PCOS. 

So here I am this afternoon just in a rut and feeling pretty lousy about what my body is doing. My husband doesn't get it. I just broke down. I was only on CD 19 which means my period was barely 14 days ago. Really??? I will say this. I am not bleeding near as bad nor as heavy... and my cramping isn't near as invasive as it was the last time. Course I am only on day 1 of this crap. I finally just broke down again this morning and just said I can't take this like this anymore. I need to get this bleeding regulated and under control. My OB said if it got to the point where I felt that nothing was working and I was just uncomfortable to let her know. So I finally broke down and called her this morning and told her I wanted to start the meds now. I just can't go on like this. So I will be being seen again on the 29th. I really can't wait to get these meds started so I can finally start having my life back. 

I never realized how debilitating this could be until you have to live like this day in day out. My husband is constantly wanting to go out and hike and I am going to be totally honest with you. I love being out on our adventures. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO HIKE WHEN THEY ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND BLEEDING. Not me. I mean once a month for a day or two to feel like you just want to lay low and relax because your cramping and bleeding is more heavier is NORMAL in my opinion. To have this twice to three times a month its just not fair. I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy my husband. So Come the 29th I am praying for a drastic change. I can't wait. Please keep your figures crossed that this shit helps! 

I hope all you ladies out there struggling with these PCOS symptoms are feeling better real soon. <3 

**Since I started bleeding too heavily I am going to chalk it up that I am not pregnant and I did not ovulate. YAY for my body sucking ASS! *** insert heavy sarcasm here!

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