Monday, May 12, 2014

Fertile Window

Happy Mother's Day Guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful day. Well I started my fertile window on Saturday the 10th. I took an ovulation test in the morning and again still negative (as it should be). 

Woman Log Pro App
As I have mentioned before I am not totally sure I understand this whole basal temp thing. I have been trying to be really consistent with temping when I first wake up. This is what my chart is looking like. Not entirely sure if this is how it's supposed to look like but here you go. LOL 

As of today I am on my 3rd day of my fertile window. I am still receiving negative ovulation test. Based on the app I am not supposed to even be fertile till the 14th. So we shall see if I actually ovulate before or after. Can never be too sure with a PCOSer's body! LOL 

This was my most recent ovulation test. This was taken at 11 PM.  I was a little pee on a stick happy today. LOL This morning... This is what I did... 

Yep, 4 test this morning. I know I know their are 5 tests there but that last test on the bottom was the one I had taken tonight. So yes, 5 test total today! What the hell was I freaking thinking here really?? 5 tests this afternoon. As if I couldn't tell from all of these that they were effin' BIG FAT NEGATIVE.   Lets just take one more... DUH! The two top large OPK tests were from the first morning urine... AHHHHEEEMM.... as well as the two bottom  cheap tests. HAHA I can't even believe I just admitted this all to you guys. LOL I am a freak show. Really! 

Tonight when I took the last test I finally thought I noticed the line getting darker but then I wasn't sure because all these lines are freaking confusing. They all look the damn same to me right now. LOL I guess I will really know when the damn thing turns positive and they are as bright as the control line DERR... 

*** insert a whole lotta sarcasm here**
*** with some rolling of the eyes***

We did the baby dance Saturday and today (Sunday) so we shall see how this goes. fingers crossed folks!!!

Just can't believe my self on how many test I have actually taken today. Tomorrow I won't be taking as many I promise. I will be a good girl and just take one test tomorrow and then another one on tuesday. I will be back to update you again come Tuesday. I figure updating you guys every other day it allows me to collect 2 or 3 ovulation tests and gives me something to talk about. Not sure you guys want a minute to minute update as to what is going on with my ovulation. So I figured this works alright for now. 

Well its time for this girl to go to bed and tomorrow is another ovulation test day and we shall talk again Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Night Night

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